An Introduction to Workflow

The workflow feature in Landboss is a management system that helps your team work together by allowing you to track, prioritize, and coordinate the numerous activities your company performs.

You can assign tasks to users, attach those tasks to tracts, leases, and parties, and follow a task’s progress from beginning to completion. 

The Workflow feature is available only to users with a Full Access license.

Workflow: The Basics 

An administrator begins the process by assigning a task to a user. Administrators can attach tracts, leases, and parties to tasks, as well as give tasks priority levels or due dates. A task can only be assigned to one user at a time. 

After a task has been assigned, Landboss will generate an in-system notification for the user if he hasn’t viewed it within an hour.  The user will also receive an email notification, as long as the user has email notifications enabled (default).

The user will begin work on the task, updating his progress and adding comments along the way. Once his task is complete, he will mark the task as finished. A finished task will then revert to its creator, who will then confirm that the task is complete. If the task has been completed, the administrator will mark it as closed. If the task is not complete, the administrator will reactivate the task.

See Assigning a Task to learn more about how to use the Workflow feature in Landboss.


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