Generating a Tract Shape

NOTE: Use the Internet Explorer browser to access mapping features.


If you are working in an area using the PLSS (S-T-R) system, Landboss can use a tract’s legal description to automatically generate a shape for you. Sections can be mapped by entering quarter calls; for example, entering NE/4 SW/4 will generate the map for the northeast quarter of the southwest quarter of the section.


If you enter a tract’s legal description using quarter calls in a NE/4 S/2 (i.e. the northeast quarter of the south half) format, Landboss can automatically map the tract for you.

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. If necessary, verify the description on the Tract Description tab's Edit Tract Segment window.


This step may not be necessary, but this is where the information for automatically generating shapes is coming from. To view this information, click on Tracts, open the tract you would like to view, then click on the Tract Description tab. Finally, click on the segment under the Legal Description area (above, outlined in red).


2. Click the Map tab

While viewing the tract you'd like to add a map to, click on the last red tab - Map.

3. Click the Generate Shape button

After clicking on this button, the shape will automatically be drawn unless there is a problem preventing Landboss from doing so. If so, you'll probably see an error such as "Select a PLSS section." If you see that, there's likely a problem with the information in Step 1.


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