How do I update the Landboss QuickBooks Exporter?

The Landboss QuickBooks Exporter is a separate utility from Landboss that handles the export process when you choose to export your accounting data to QuickBooks and it is usually installed automatically as needed. Occasionally, we release a new version of the utility that requires you to re-install it.

Landboss will generally handle the update automitically for you, but sometimes you may need to do it manually.  To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Completely close Internet Explorer
  2. In Windows, go to Control Panel and Add & Remove Programs
  3. Locate the application called Landboss QuickBooks Exporter and uninstall it
  4. Re-open Internet Explorer and go to Landboss
  5. Try the export again and Landboss will automatically install the newest version of the exporter


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