Introduction to Tracts

Landboss is a tract-based system that allows brokers to store information about tracts and then attach leases and lease offers to those tracts


A tract is a parcel of land where one or more owners each have the same interest throughout the entire parcel area. If the amount of interest changes for an owner in any part of the tract, then the tract should be split. Each tract is placed within a prospect; a prospect can have as many or as few tracts as necessary. Once a tract is created, owners and leases can then be added. Once tracts have been created, leases and lease offers may then be added.


Note that while the word tract is used in Landboss, it does not refer to any one system of defining land. As you'll see in Step 4 of the Creating a New Tract article, Landboss supports regions that use the PLSS system (S-T-R) and non-PLSS regions (metes and bounds, tax parcel, survey, etc.).


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