Edit Invoice Screen

This screen is where you can edit things like the client address, invoice number, as well as the invoice line items.

Editing invoices is generally not recommended.  It is almost always better to change the timesheet entries and recalculate the invoice. If it is necessary to edit the invoice, please note that the invoice values will likely no longer match the timesheet values.


Shannon Stevens Skelton
Shannon Stevens Skelton |

I entered "TIME OFF" on 1/20/2010 TWICE by mistake and need to delete ONE of the entries on the current statement ending 1/31/2010. It reflects a 13 day billing period and it was a 12 day billing period. Thank you for your assistance. Shannon Skelton

David Wagner
David Wagner |

You can use the Search Timesheets screen to find the timesheet that has the duplicate entries. Click its row to go to the View Timesheet screen, and then click the Edit link in the top right corner. From there you will be able to edit or delete the duplicate entry.

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