Pay Rate Examples

This article lists some examples of the pay rate system to help you understand how the various rates override each other.

Example 1:

In the example below, user GThompson's User Daily Pay Rate is $300.00 a day. There are no Client Daily Pay Rates or Prospect Daily Rates, so he will be paid $300.00 a day for all work he does, regardless of the Client or Prospect.

Example 2:

In the example below, there is a Client Rate for client Cleveland Drilling. This means that GThompson will be paid $275.00 for the work he does on any Cleveland Drilling prospect. If he is doing work for another client, the pay rate will be the $300 User Daily Pay Rate.

Example 3:

In the example below, there is a User Daily Pay Rate, a Client Daily Pay Rate, and a Prospect Daily Pay Rate. If GThompson is working in the Cleveland prospect, he'll be paid $270.00 a day. If he's working on any other Cleveland Drilling prospect, he'll be paid $275.00 a day. If neither one of these exceptions applies, he'll be paid the default User Daily Pay Rate of $300.00.


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