Pay Rates

A user's pay rate is how much they are paid for the work they do and is used when generating payroll. Pay rates are set on user profiles. Follow the steps in this article to learn how to set up pay rates.

Step-by-Step Instructions

The steps below will walk you through setting up pay rates for a user.

1. Click on Admin

2. Click on Users

Click on Users, located under the Security heading.

3. Click on the user's name

Click on the the name of the user whose pay rate you would like to set or change

4. Click on the Pay Rates tab

Click on the middle tab, Pay Rates

5. Make any necessary changes to pay rates

The User Daily Pay Rate is the amount this user is paid unless there's a client or prospect daily pay rate. Entering a Client Daily Pay Rate will override the contractor's pay for work he does only on that client's prospects, while a Prospect Daily Pay Rate will override the Client Daily Pay Rate, allowing you to pay a contractor different rates for different prospects.

For example, below, user HWarren would be paid $300.00 a day for work he does for any client in any prospect, as there are no Client Daily Pay Rates or Prospect Daily Pay Rates set up that would override his User Daily Pay Rate.

Step-by-Step Instructions On Adding An Additional User Pay Rate

Let's walk through how to create a Client Daily Pay Rate.

1. Click on Add Client Rate, to the right of the green plus sign.

2. Complete the Set Rate window

On the Set Rate window, choose the Client from the drop-down menu, enter the Client Daily Pay Rate, and enter the Effective Date. The Effective Date is the date when this pay rate becomes effective; if the date falls in between two pay periods, Landboss will use the applicable rate for each time entry.

Let's examine HWarren's Pay Rates below; his User Daily Pay Rate is $300.00. That is the amount he will be paid unless it is overridden by a Client Daily Pay Rate or a Prospect Daily Pay Rate. HWarren has a Client Daily Pay Rate of $350.00, effective 1/1/2013, for the client ITW Oil & Gas. For the work he does for any job of ITW Oil & Gas since 1/1/2013, he'll be paid $350.00; for all other work, he'll be paid $300, his User Daily Pay Rate.


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