Reviewing Time Entries

Time entries must be marked Approved by all time reviewers before they can be invoiced or paid. All time entries must have at least one time reviewer. Time entries that are not marked as Approved will be ignored when generating invoices or payroll. If a time entry is rejected, the user will be notified via email (if he subscribes to email notifications) and when he logs in. Users can then make changes to their time entry.


Note: If you do not see the Review Time Entries button, it is because you are not set to review anyone's time. By default, some roles have Time Reviewer selected, but that can be changed. See more at Roles.

Step-By-Step Instructions

1.  Click on Timesheets from the menu bar




2. Click on Review Time Entries


Next, click on the Review Time Entries button, located in the upper right corner. Note that this button will only be visible to users who are time reviewers.



3. Review time entries

Time entries can either be reviewed individually or many at one time. Use the search filters at the top of the screen to narrow results by a certain user, date range, client, or prospect. By default, the time entries shown are pending review; checking the "Show uninvoiced and unpaid entries approved by you" checkbox filter will display time entries that have been previously approved by you (but may still have other users that need to approve the entry) and have not been invoiced or paid. Once an entry has been paid or invoiced, it will no longer be displayed on the time review screen.


Either click the eye to approve each time entry individually or check the boxes of multiple time entries to do a batch approval.


By default, the Review Time Entries page will only display entries with a Pending or Rejected status; you can view previously approved entries by checking the "Show uninvoiced and unpaid entries approved by you" checkbox.


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