Setting Mileage Rates

Follow the instructions in this article to set the mileage rate for a client.

1. Click on Admin

Click Admin, the last button on the menu bar at the top of the page. 

2. Click on Clients

Next, click Clients, located under the General heading.

3. Click on the Client name

Click on the line item of the client whose mileage rate you're changing.

4. Click on the Mileage Rate tab

Click on the last red tab, Mileage Rate.

5. Click on the Change Rate link

Under the current mileage rate, click on the link that says Change Rate.

6. Enter the New Rate

In the Set Rate window, enter the new mileage rate.

7. Enter the effective date

Enter the date when this mileage will become effective. You can also set up a future mileage rate change.

8. Click Save


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