Uploading Lease Forms

Before a lease form template can be used, it must be uploaded to the Lease Forms section in the Admin area in Landboss. This article steps you through the process.

See the Merging Lease Forms article to learn how to merge your data into your templates to make finished lease forms for your leases.

1. Go to the Lease Forms Administration Screen

The list of mail merge fields can be found on the Lease Forms page in the Administration section. Click on the Administration button in the main menu at the top of the screen. Then, under the Leases header, click on the Lease Forms link.


2. Upload the Form

Click on the Upload a New Form button to start creating a new form in Landboss.

To re-upload an existing lease form after you have changed it, click the Edit link next to it in the list of previously uploaded forms.

On the window that is displayed, specify the Form Type so that Landboss knows when to use this particular form.  If the form can only be used for a certain client or in a certain state, specify them.  If it will work for any client in any state, you can ignore those two combo boxes.  Then, click the Choose File button and select the lease form saved on your computer.  Lastly, click the Save button and your form will be uploaded to Landboss and made available for use.


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