Setting up Time Reviewers

This article is an introduction to setting up time reviewers in Landboss.

After users enter their time and expenses, you can set up Time Reviewers to review those entries before they are used for generating client invoices or payroll. A time entry can have one time reviewer or many, but all assigned time reviewers for an entry must approve it before it can be invoiced or paid. (To read more about the process of Time Review, please read Reviewing Time Entries.)

There are three ways a user can be set as a time reviewer (click on any link for specific instructions):

  1. A time reviewer has the Review All Time permission and reviews every time entry in the system (Reviewing Time Entries for All Users), or
  2. A time reviewer reviews time entries for specific users (Reviewing Time for Specific Users), or
  3. A time reviewer reviews entries for a specific prospect (Reviewing Time by Prospect).


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