Introduction to QuickBooks Integration

After invoices and paystubs have been generated in Landboss, it is possible to export that data to QuickBooks Desktop to ensure that your accounting records always match.

See Exporting Invoices to QuickBooks and Exporting Payroll to QuickBooks to learn more about the export process.

This document is designed as an index for the various articles that will help you integrate your QuickBooks Desktop company file with Landboss.

To use this feature, you’ll need to use Internet Explorer and QuickBooks must be open on your computer. 

To ensure a smooth export, you'll want to make sure that you have completed the QuickBooks integration by mapping the various Landboss records to the equivalent records in QuickBooks (Clients to Customers and Projects to Jobs, etc):

Linking Landboss To Accounts in QuickBooks - Start here to map Landboss to your Payroll Bank Account, Payroll Expense Account, Invoice AR Account, Obligation Expense Account, and Obligation Payment Account in QuickBooks.

Client Accounting Setup Screen - You'll need to map each of your Clients in Landboss to their Customer account in QuickBooks.

Linking Prospects in Landboss to Jobs in QuickBooks - If desired, you can map Prospects in Landboss to existing Jobs in QuickBooks. 

User Info Screen - If you're using Landboss to generate payroll and want to export those paychecks to QuickBooks, you'll need to link up each Landboss user with their Vendor name in QuickBooks.


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