Mapping Tracts

There are multiple ways to plot your tract shapes in Landboss. This article serves as an index of the various ways you can add a map of a tract.

Generating a Tract Shape - If the tract you're generating a shape for is in a S-T-R area and has a Legal Description entered on the Tract Description tab, Landboss can automatically generate the shape for you.

Drawing Shapes with the Sketch Shape Tool - If you're either working in an area that does not use the PLSS section (e.g. adding a tract with a metes and bounds description), or the tract shape you're adding does not fit a predescribed tract shape. 

Uploading a Shapefile - If you have a file in Shapefile format (extension .shp), you can upload the tract shape to your tract. 

Mapping Tracts - Uploading an Image - If you have an image file, you can upload it and it will replace the interactive map for this tract. Supported file formats are .tif, .jpg, .png, and .gif.


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